What’s the parking situation on the day of the fest?

Please utilize your favorite ride-service to and from Session Fest. Parking at the brewery is extremely limited, and more importantly, safety is paramount. PLEASE DO NOT DRINK AND DRIVE. EVER.

Are dogs and kids allowed to attend?

Sorry, but August 24th is for adult humans only (21 years old and up)!

What does a GA ticket get me?

The opportunity to kick it with us and drink killer session beers from around the country by the river. Expect live music, a chill atmosphere and a great time. For more details please check out our ticket options page.

Will I be able to purchase any special VIP beers if I buy a General Admission ticket?

Nope, sorry. Those are exclusively offered for VIP’ers. That being said, we will have 30 sessionable beers pouring throughout the day for you to enjoy.

What’s up with the VIP ticket, anyway?

In addition to complementary food and a not-yet-released ZIllicoah bottle for the road, a VIP ticket gives the purchaser access to bottles of beer we have specialty requested from our friends across the country. We will pop a new bottle every half hour from 12:30p - 5:00p and, as a VIP, you get access to a single pour from this bottle. General Admission folks WILL NOT have a chance to buy these beers and, due to their rarity, each VIP will only get one 4 oz pour of each new bottle popped. To ensure we have enough beer to go around, we cannot give more than the allotted amount of beer nor will you be able to buy more. But, popping 10 bottles that day means killer beer available all day — even if it comes in small pours.

  • We suggest being at the VIP tent when the bottles are popped to ensure you get your pour. We will have numerous people on staff popping bottles all day to make sure you can get them quickly and head back to your fun.

Do you offer discounted prices for Designated Drivers?

We try and price our festival affordably enough that anyone can join - drinking or not. Beer tokens are transferable so a non-drinker can pass theirs along to a friend!

Will there be food available?

If you have purchased a VIP ticket, food is included and will be served from 2:30 - 5:30 in the VIP tent. For general admission tickets, in addition to Taqueria Muñoz, Buxton Hall BBQ will host a BBQ pop-up on the day of the event. Expect a meat forward line-up of food options with one vegetarian alternative.

What can I bring?

  • Lawn chairs

  • Yard games

  • An empty Nalgene

  • Snacks